Arc Seven Blog Archive - March 2017

Serve your community and your community will serve you Posted by: Alistair Clay | 23.03.17

I was always taught by one of my PR mentors that creating awareness is one thing, building trust is quite another.

In the social care sector, probably more than any other, it’s the latter that brings real results but is often forgotten in pursuit of the former.

Awareness is relatively easy. One can book big advertising runs, blitz social media with content or put a huge banner on the side of a home, all useful activities, but it might not have the result you’re after – that people in your local community TRUST you.

You see, trust really is the magic ingredient when you’re running a care home or support service. It improves referrals, drives occupancy levels and it allows you to recruit and retain the best staff.

So how do you go about building and earning that trust?


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