Significantly raise the profile of Alzheimer’s research charity BRACE through a dementia PR strategy to drive fundraising.


  1. Make complex dementia science accessible to general public audiences by drawing links between laboratory research and the reality of living with dementia. Humanise the research
  2. Tell the story of research to encourage key stakeholders to support BRACE financially
  3. Position BRACE as a national thought leader in dementia research – with the message that funding science is the key to curing the illness



We developed a dementia news watching brief and a media relations strategy to ensure BRACE’s leadership team, including key research scientists, were continuously commenting on all aspects of dementia care and news.

This ensured that BRACE became known as thought leaders in dementia research, boosting their credentials as funders of leading edge science, something that would excite and entice individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations.

We were the first to team up with the now high profile dementia blogger Beth Britton to recruit her as a BRACE ambassador further strengthening the link between the science and families’ experiences of living with dementia. Beth recently met with the Prime Minister to advise him on his dementia strategy and addressed the G8 dementia conference.

To increase the charity’s reach in the South West Arc Seven organised dementia Question Time-style events in key towns where scientists and other care professionals took answers from the public on advances in the understating and the treatment of the illness. This has now become an annual event and last year was chaired by Radio 4’s Any Questions? presenter Jonathan Dimbleby. This year a day-long event was hosted by former news anchor Martyn Lewis CBE.


The combination of an ongoing media relations strategy, with an on-call press office and targeted high-profile stakeholder engagement events has delivered real results for BRACE:

  • More than 100 pieces of high impact media coverage (print and broadcast)
  • The creation of a yearly BRACE dementia conference attracting some of the brightest minds in dementia research
  • Shaping and strengthening BRACE’s reputation as an organisation that funds some of the world’s most exciting and leading edge research
  • Recruiting one of the UK’s most high-profile dementia campaigners as lead ambassador, a powerful and in-demand media commentator




Mark Poarch, Chief Executive, BRACE:

“Arc Seven have helped us tell the story of BRACE, from inspiring activities of individual fundraisers to the often complex nature of the scientific research we fund.

“This has undoubtedly allowed us to reach out to new audiences and to raise our profile as a charity, in what is a very competitive sector.

“I am particularly impressed by their passion for our cause and their service levels makes them feel more like an in-house PR team than an external agency.”