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Crisis and Issues Management Posted by: Antony | 02.06.10

Crisis and Issues Management

Our experienced crisis management team will protect your reputation and your business.

Effective crisis communications is an essential part of a broader reputation management strategy. A mismanaged crisis can destroy a business in a shockingly short period of time. At Arc Seven we have the experience and the knowledge to guide you through challenging issues so your brand emerges undamaged and well prepared for the future.

Speed and good systems are key to effective crisis management. The first 24 hours are vital, as the rolling news machine and social media demand comment and reaction within minutes, not hours or days.

During a PR crisis we at Arc Seven can act as an extension of your own communications team or as a self-contained operation offering a 24/7 service to clients.

We prepare our clients to respond swiftly, calmly and effectively to minimise any negative impact, keeping the reputation of their organisations intact.  Choosing not to engage does not limit the damage.

During the recovery phase we’ll formulate a media outreach strategy targeting key journalists to open dialogue and maximise the opportunities for positive coverage in the coming weeks and months.

Of course a crisis is best avoided all together and our issues management service will identify your key reputational threats, from employee practices and corporate policies to critical stakeholders and pressure groups to ensure trust is maintained in your brand at all times.

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Media Relations Posted by: Antony | 02.06.10

Media relations

At Arc Seven we are expert at winning positive and impactful media coverage for our clients.

With former national print journalists on our team we have an implicit understanding of what makes news, the culture of the news room, the pressures journalists face, how to pitch and how to create stories for our clients that will win traction with editors.

We have more than 15 years’ experience working in and with the national media and in that time we have delivered 1000s of pieces of media coverage for our clients across a wide range of sectors – media relations is in Arc Seven’s DNA.

Crucially we understand that great media relations is ALL about the story. We work with our clients to create genuine newsworthy content which has their key messages woven throughout.

The link between effective media relations and online reputation management has never been stronger, thanks to the way Google now ranks companies by real world relevance. Having even just a few high quality media links on page one of Google will make a significant positive impact to your reputation, as most stakeholders will discover you this way.

We can set up a news and issues watching brief to ensure we never miss an opportunity to add your comment or opinion to events that matter to your brand. In addition we create a proactive strategy which focuses on a different business-critical subject each quarter so you begin to lead the news agenda in your sector as a thought leader.

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Social Media Posted by: Antony | 02.06.10

Social Media

We will help you use social media to add value to your business and enhance your reputation.

The boundary between the online and the offline world is disappearing fast.

Digital communications are now the norm for most audiences and they offer you a powerful opportunity to get your message across, but it’s crucial to develop a strategy before you commit valuable resource.

We can create strategies that will set the tone and produce the social media content that starts real conversations with your key stakeholders and makes you a must follow thought leader, not a pushy salesperson.

We also integrate social media into our offline campaigns to amplify the impact of your media coverage and fire you up the Google rankings. Today’s news is no longer tomorrow’s chip paper – it’s a permanent piece of powerful online advocacy for your business and you need to know how to maximise its value through digital channels.

Your reputation is a fluid and ever changing quantity in the digital world so you always need to be ready to respond with the right message, to the right audience at the right time. Our smart social media strategies will ensure you are always engaging in the most appropriate and effective way with your key stakeholders to enhance your reputation – even in a crisis.

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Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Posted by: Antony | 02.06.10

Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Our stakeholder maps are forensic and powerful pieces of insight that will enhance your business.

At Arc Seven this is the starting point for all of our communications work and allows us to create a complete picture of the different people and organisations connected to your business.

The map identifies who has the power in your industry, who influences them and crucially how you can get your message to them so you can be heard and win influence. The map reveals which are the best channels for communicating your key messages and what frequency and tone of message is appropriate for your varied stakeholders.

Through years of experience we know that this piece of intelligence is vital to create relevant and influential communications and we offer this as a standalone product or as part of a wider communications strategy. Many businesses find this an invaluable tool for many elements of their core business strategy.

Once the map is complete we create a winning engagement strategy, of which media relations and social media is a part, but which also includes round table events, public meetings, e-newsletters, speaking events and face to face lobbying opportunities.

Throughout our stakeholder engagement campaigns we are constantly monitoring and evaluating message penetration and audience perception to ensure the positive impact on your reputation is helping you achieve your core business objectives.

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