Digital and video

News-led video content will make you a thought leader and enhance your reputation.

YouTube and the online video revolution, has completely disrupted the way we consume video and the volume we consume (on average we spend 12 hours/month watching online video). And this disruption is sweeping through the world of PR and communications.

Arc Seven, in partnership with Film Kitchen, can provide your organisation with its very own outsourced online TV department.

Combining the precision of our journalistic focus and the high production values of Film Kitchen, we will help you embrace this video revolution and transform the way your story is told to enhance your reputation.

Video production has traditionally been an expensive enterprise, however, by making the most of the latest technology, streamlined production processes and, in some cases, training your own staff, we are able to bring engaging video content to your organisation at surprising value.

In this way, you will be able to use video for regular articles, help and information content, training resources, news items and much more.