Doctors of the World UK

Lead the strategic communications review of International NGO Doctors of the World UK following the appointment of a new Executive Director.


  1. Define all key stakeholders and understand their relationship to Doctors of the World UK and advise how best to engage with them with a view to drive campaigns, advocacy and fundraising
  2. Conduct a full power mapping exercise to better understand the nature of these relationships
  3. Full audit of existing communications function, including channels and outcomes
  4. Implement phase one digital strategy to introduce thought leadership


As NGO experts Arc Seven were called in to lead a comprehensive review of the organisation’s entire communications function following the appointment of a new leadership team.

We started with an online organisational survey to get a better idea of how Doctors of the World UK perceived itself, its’ audiences, key messages and its own communications needs. This was followed up with one to one interviews with the leadership team to create a stakeholder matrix, detailing all key stakeholders and the way in which they related to the organisation, and what they thought and felt about it and what action we wanted them to take.

This was followed by the completion of a risk register to highlight all reputational risks and actions to be taken to mitigate these risks.

The creation of a key message grid was essential to define key messages and positions on priority issues from Department of Health policy to the contentious issue of ‘health tourism’.

Together these elements formed the insight needed to create the new five-year communications strategy for the organisation and several aspects of the overall business plan.


Doctors of the World UK is now enjoying a much greater profile and as a result is able to fundraise more effectively, influence key decision makers and most importantly help more vulnerable people affected by war, natural disasters, disease, hunger, poverty or exclusion to get the healthcare they need regardless of income or status.


Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World

Leigh Daynes, Executive Director, said:

“Arc Seven’s strategic communications review played a vital role in refocusing Doctors of the World’s positioning in the UK.

“Their insightful and comprehensive stakeholder analysis allowed us to quickly understand how we were perceived by our target audiences and what actions we needed to take to shift or strengthen these relationships.

“Crucially, this piece of research also revealed how we perceived ourselves as an organisation and the messages we needed to formulate to tell our story, to shape our reputation and grow our impact. A priceless piece of research led by a skilled team.”