Media training

We’ll help prepare you for media interviews so you are ready for even the most hostile of interviewers and questions in the middle of a crisis.

Arc Seven’s managing director Alistair Clay, a former national print journalist, knows exactly what it’s like to ask the hard questions and those pressure points a journalist will want to exploit during an interview.

We’ll help you see the media interview – print or broadcast – as an opportunity to get your key messages across and to enhance the reputation of your business or brand.

Through a series of exercises we’ll teach you how to identify your key messages, deal with tough questions, present the best body language and even think about your appearance.

Crucially we’ll prepare you for ‘hidden’ questions which may actually contain the real story the journalist is after. Too many times we’ve heard someone complain that they gave a very positive interview for 15 minutes only to get torpedoed by an off the cuff response to a question in the final seconds of the exchange which became the headline.

Our mock ‘on-air’ interviews in front of a camera will allow you to practice your new skills in a safe environment so you can watch back your performance and understand what worked well and where to improve.

We have successfully prepared senior healthcare executives, local authority leaders, Third Sector CEOs and technology leaders for primetime national broadcast interviews and national newspaper investigations, including The Times, The Guardian and BBC Panorama.