How to survive a social media crisis for care homes
Posted by: Gemma Keogh | 17.04.15


When a crisis hits on social media, it hits fast. Within a matter of minutes thousands of people can be talking about your care homes and your business. If you want to protect your reputation then you must act swiftly and be smart. Not knowing how to respond in a crisis can do irreparable damage so here are our four top tips on how to weather a social media storm.


1. Timing

Speed of response is critical. Major crisis have been avoided by swift but calm reactions. Be prepared, as soon as you realise that a threat to your business has occurred put a plan in place for how to deal with it should it break onto social media. Make sure your team is ready to man the platforms that you use, this may mean working late hours or over the weekend.

2. Transparency

Engaging with your audience, responding to their criticisms and openly pledging improvements is the fastest way to de-escalate a social media crisis. Being transparent allows you to clearly demonstrate your company values and shows that you have nothing to hide. This doesn’t mean that you have to respond to every single negative tweet or comment. Your content needs to be balanced, a careful blend of positive statements and acceptance of responsibility. This means that you avoid just having one long apologetic stream, which could inflate the situation and make it look more serious than it is, but instead you are taking people’s comments on board and are committed to moving things forwards.

3. Tone

Be conversational, avoid legal jargon – remember you are talking to people and they want you to be genuine.

4. Content

If the accusations being made about your homes are false, share content that corrects the story. Engage with the media and when they run an accurate version of events post the coverage on all your accounts. Evidence from a trusted news source is often all people need to change their opinions and you will regain their trust.

As soon as you feel the tide is on the turn begin sharing more positive news and content about your homes that demonstrate your brand values in action. This will allow you to retake control of the online conversation and begin to rebuild your reputation.