Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Our stakeholder maps are forensic and powerful pieces of insight that will enhance your business.

At Arc Seven this is the starting point for all of our communications work and allows us to create a complete picture of the different people and organisations connected to your business.

The map identifies who has the power in your industry, who influences them and crucially how you can get your message to them so you can be heard and win influence. The map reveals which are the best channels for communicating your key messages and what frequency and tone of message is appropriate for your varied stakeholders.

Through years of experience we know that this piece of intelligence is vital to create relevant and influential communications and we offer this as a standalone product or as part of a wider communications strategy. Many businesses find this an invaluable tool for many elements of their core business strategy.

Once the map is complete we create a winning engagement strategy, of which media relations and social media is a part, but which also includes round table events, public meetings, e-newsletters, speaking events and face to face lobbying opportunities.

Throughout our stakeholder engagement campaigns we are constantly monitoring and evaluating message penetration and audience perception to ensure the positive impact on your reputation is helping you achieve your core business objectives.