Top 5 tips for social care promo films
Posted by: Gemma Keogh | 17.11.15

1. Telling stories

Before you undertake any video production work there are a few essential questions you MUST answer. Firstly, who is your audience? Which people and organisations do you want to consume this piece of content and what action/perception do you want them to take away from it?

Once you’ve identified these stakeholders think key messages – what are the essential messages you want your audience to hear? You can then skilfully thread these messages throughout your narrative.

The narrative is vital – even for a 90 second promo video. Above all else the video must be engaging and creative so it needs a story, a clear beginning, middle and end. Remember, this video is a direct reflection of your brand so if you want to be seen as a quality provider your comms materials must be high quality too.

2. Voices

Ensure that the voices of the people you have a direct positive impact upon are at the heart of your film. Beautiful cinematic shots are lovely, and a great bonus, but ensure the voices of your service uses are heard loud and proud.

And avoid scripting people, this only generates stilted, unspontaneous replies. Let people talk freely, from the heart, and then edit down the best responses. A film needs to make an emotional connection with its audience if it is to succeed in fulfilling its core objectives.

3. Think visually

Once your narrative and storytellers are in place use images and footage to really bring the film to life. Every shot should have a purpose, whether that is reinforcing a key message, demonstrating your services in action or leading into the next scene, be deliberate and always think from the viewer’s perspective. Does this shot create the right effect? Is this sequence as impactful as it could be?

4. Evidence the positive difference you have achieved

The success of your service or facility is judged by its outcomes so make sure that you include evidence of this within the film. If you’ve helped a patient through rehabilitation show them working with their physio and making progress, if you’ve supported a service user to live independently feature them taking part in community events or managing their household affairs. This film is your CV, use it to document the great work that you do and the positive difference that you make to the lives of the people you support.

5. Shareability

When editing the film make sure shareability is top of your agenda. Keeping it as short as possible (max 3 mins) will improve engagement from your audience and the likelihood of them sharing it with their contacts or through social media. You’re not looking to produce the next Director’s Cut of the Lord of Rings Trilogy, the video should be an impactful snapshot of your services, the perfect balance between providing information and inspiration so that they either want to use your facilities or recommend them to someone else.