Using social media to sell beds?
Posted by: Gemma Keogh | 10.07.15

“But how does social media help us to improve our occupancy?”

This is the question that I get asked most frequently by marketing managers faced with hitting targets and measuring the success of their comms investments.

In short, it is very difficult to measure the direct impact of social media on sales, but this applies across the PR and marketing discipline.

The success of any form of communication, whether that is media outreach, advertising or print marketing, when performed and measured in isolation, is unlikely to yield huge results.

Success comes through integration and employing a joined-up approach to comms and reputation management.









Social media is at its most effective when creating a community of engagement around a business.

Sharing interesting content, which reinforces brand values, engages your customers and stakeholders in a more natural, conversational process

From here you can guide them, ‘nudge’ them, towards the product you are selling, creating a far more relaxed experience for the buyer. And crucially, you can avoid the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing hard-sell.