Well London

The £12 million Well London project aims to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of people living in some of London’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

Funded by the Big Lottery, and backed by the Mayor of London, Arc Seven was hired to handle the strategic communications review for the initiative.


  1. Create a clear brand identity for Well London with a view to recruit more communities in London and eventually across the UK
  2. Tell the story of Well London, through the eyes of the recipients, to win targeted media coverage and show funders the clear impact and outcomes of the three-year project
  3. Provide a mentoring and training service for volunteers and coordinators to improve their own communications skills and teach them how to be news aware content generators


We adopted a two-tiered approach to address the communications challenges which Well London faced. Firstly we focused on enhancing the effectiveness of communications with significant strategic partners and funders ensuring that the added value and impact of the initiative was clearly understood, encouraging long-term support and investment.

The second tier focused on strengthening ground level communications by empowering the area coordinators to deliver effective marketing and communications that inspired participation at a local level.

To do this we produced a Community Communications Tool-Kit and provided training and mentoring to each area coordinator. By ‘up-skilling’ the coordinators to amplify the behaviour change induced by the programme and its benefits, and co-ordinating a grass roots communication campaign with the development of each project, we created a community of interest around the programme, leading others to live well within London.

Both tiers were developed through the findings of a comprehensive communications audit, which identified issues such as key message penetration and brand dilution. It also included a full review of the current communication channels used and their effectiveness. The audit provided the foundation for the communications strategy and all media relations and social media activity.


Well London

Well London

  • There is now a network of community journalists across London acting for Well London reporting on all the successes and activities of the initiative
  • Well London is now being rolled out across other boroughs of the capital and has even been adopted by local government agencies in other EU nations
  • There has been a marked increase in uptake for Well London activities and events. Health outcomes are being improved in some of London’s poorest neighbourhoods