March 15, 2019

Arc Seven launches new online reputation service for care providers

The agency will now offer clients a service that focuses on translating the nuance of their social care offering into a compelling digital presence.

The new service is the culmination of almost 10 years specialising in the sector working alongside some of the UK’s biggest providers and their investors.

Alistair Clay, director for Arc Seven Communications, said the agency had spotted an opportunity to create a completely bespoke service for the very particular needs of the care market.

He said: “The Social Care Search Service is the meeting point of SEO, community engagement, clinical expertise, traditional media relations and high-quality storytelling.

“The first thing a family member often does when they are looking for a care home for a loved one is to get on their smart phone and search ‘care home in my town’.

“The consumer, often the eldest daughter, now expects more from the digital profiles of social care providers, trusting what they see in search results over the provider’s own website. And Google ads alone are not enough – they may buy awareness, but not trust.

“We can help our clients bring together all of the strands of their reputation to ensure that the first page of Google is full of positive content linked to their care home. There is a direct link between this and occupancy levels.”

Arc Seven recently hired Canadian search expert Jon Nastor to partner on the development of the Social Care Search Service.

The service brings together quality website design, best practice SEO strategies, local stakeholder engagement and a content-led PR campaign to dominate search results for social care clients looking to increase occupancy and drive recruitment.