The challenge

The Homemakers of Hamberley were created to provide gap-free holistic care for residents, combining the roles of carer, housekeeper, and companion in one. Providing person-centred care within newly launched, purpose-built luxurious settings across the UK, the Homemakers were the key focus point of Hamberley’s unique proposition.

To achieve a successful launch, Hamberley needed to communicate the benefit of this innovative approach to potential customers, and crucially, help their workforce buy-in to the progressive values of the company and adapt to a brand new way of working.

Our approach

The Homemaker model is a seismic shift away from a traditional approach to care, creating a ‘universal role’ that radically improves the experience of residents, never seen before in the sector. So clarity and consistency of messaging was key. We worked closely with the Hamberley CEO to ensure his vision was articulated authentically, distilling the essence of the brand in an accessible and engaging way.

We created a marketing and PR campaign to bring the Homemaker model to public attention. Our team targeted the industry media, care homes’ local communities, and potential customers through the combination of media stories, website content, social media campaigns, and printed marketing collateral.

To help new recruits embody the values and behaviour expected of Homemakers, leaving behind their old ways of working, we created a unique visual identity for Homemakers, in the form of Homemaker characters. Plus, working alongside their HR and Learning & Development team we developed the Homemaker Journal – a handbook to promote learning and professional development, to help shape behaviour and build the unique Homemaker culture.

The impact

Our communication strategy ensured the Homemakers of Hamberley model was quickly identified as a huge innovation in care and garnered an excellent response in the sector. Hamberley Care Homes, backed by Hamberley Development, was named the Residential Provider of the Year at the 2019 HealthInvestor Awards, with the judges crediting the creation of the Homemakers and subsequent positive family feedback as a significant part of their decision.

The CQC became aware of the new approach, and the positive impact has been reflected in their ratings. Feedback from residents and their loved ones helped inform phase two of the marketing campaign as we used social proof to promote the Homemaker model. In understanding the importance of their role and witnessing the positive reaction, Homemakers have reported great job satisfaction.

Hamberley Care Homes

You know you have a first-class consultancy when they consistently add valuable insights, execute deliverables and are so attuned to the company values and culture that they become indistinguishable from your own team.'

Tim Street Director, Hamberley Care Homes