The challenge

Swanton Care had just launched their new PRIDE (Potential, Responsibility, Integrity, Diversity, Empathy) ethos and wanted to demonstrate those values in action across their services. They knew there were numerous examples of the people they support living those values but needed help to gather evidence to show to key stakeholders.

Our approach

It was vital to train the managers at each service to understand the purpose of the positive stories we wanted to produce and how to identify them. We conducted a series of online training sessions with each service before setting up a content delivery system to ensure there was always a pipeline of newsworthy stories.

Once alerted to potential newsworthy stories, our team of former journalists developed each piece to demonstrate how individuals were furthering their independence, achieving appropriate outcomes and showcasing person-centred support. We were able to tease out the details that would evidence Swanton’s values and tell the heart-warming stories of the people supported in their services. All the content was posted to their website and included photographs and quotes to ensure that individual’s voices were being included. The stories were shared with stakeholders and across social channels for maximum reach.

The impact

By producing more than 150 pieces of high impact content that have been shared on multiple platforms, we’ve driven up engagement and developed Swanton’s online presence. The response from key stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. We helped create transparency for the organisation, proving their ethos is practised across their services. In doing so, commissioners, regulators, CCGs, and families can see genuine examples of people working towards furthering their independence and achieving their desired outcomes.

The individuals supported by Swanton love being featured on the website and seeing their stories online. For team members, it’s a great morale boost for their efforts to be celebrated by Swanton and shared with a large audience. Their resilience, creativity and hard work are recognised and heralded in the regular content appearing on the site.