Brand & Culture

A healthcare brand: it’s how you think, how you act, what you say - it’s not a logo

Brand positioning

We’ll help you develop a brand and culture, authentic to your values, so you can communicate with a clear brand voice and identity that connects with your key stakeholders and builds trust.

Brand messaging

Working from the inside out, we’ll articulate the essence of your brand so that you have clarity and consistency of messaging across all areas of your business. We’ll help you reinforce that message amongst key audiences with creative content, building and protecting your reputation.

Shaping behaviour

Using a combination of visual tools (character design, video, animated social media posts), learning and development products (handbooks, journals, bespoke training) and storytelling (media, social, web) we create a compelling and engaging narrative for your brand that empowers and shapes the behaviour of your team and your stakeholders.

Recruitment and retention

By communicating your stories of innovation, evidencing your values in action and demonstrating the positive impact you have on people’s lives, we’ll help you recruit and retain a talented team, that love what they do.