Crisis Communications

When your reputation is at risk our team will help you set the true narrative

Expert team

Our team of crisis communications specialists have dealt with every issue imaginable in the health and social care sector. We’ve helped our clients navigate everything from relentless media investigations and court cases to attack sites and trolling. We can work alongside your legal team or we can recommend reputation experts Schillings, who we regularly work with.

Knowledge & experience

As former journalists, our team understand the precise vulnerabilities of health and social care providers to media investigations and how best to handle them. From issues around hidden cameras and poor CQC inspections to whistleblowers, serious safeguarding issues and criminal investigations, our experience is unrivalled.

Control under pressure

The first 24 hours of any crisis are vital, as the rolling news machine and social media demand comment and reaction within minutes, not hours or days. Our experienced team remain calm under pressure and can advise you on how best to respond to take the momentum out of any crisis and put you back in control.

Have an emergency response team ready to act whenever a threat or crisis arises and enjoy these benefits

  • On-call

    You can rely on our expert team to pick up the phone whenever a crisis arises, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Strategy

    A full review of your existing crisis management strategy and suggested improvements where necessary.

  • Training

    Crisis communications training for all frontline staff – they are the most likely source of unscripted commentary in a crisis, something you must avoid.

  • Spokespeople

    Media training for leadership and key spokespeople.

  • Positioning

    Complete crisis communications strategy and positioning statements.

  • Legal

    Liaise with your legal team and advise on the reputational challenges and limitations of taking legal action in the face of negative media coverage.

  • Briefings

    Issue briefings to all key stakeholders.

  • Recovery

    Reputation recovery communications strategy – rebuilding in the aftermath of a crisis.