Media Training

You will be able to handle the toughest media interviews with confidence

Newsroom training

You’ll be trained by a former national news journalist who knows the questions reporters will pose and how to respond to them. You’ll be taken inside the mind of a journalist to better understand how they choose their angle on a story.

The message

Learn how to prepare your ‘line to take’ in advance and how best to communicate with the media. The right decisions can ensure that your key spokespeople can deliver critical messaging in a calm, authentic manner that will protect your reputation.

Fully prepared

Discover how to navigate different types of interviews – including TV, radio, print and online. Our training will prepare you for challenging questions during a live interview, how to pivot, and how to appear on camera and in pre-recorded slots.

Our Media Training will equip you and your team with everything you need to manage a crisis

  • Mindset

    You’ll be ready to handle the initial enquiry in a calm, collected manner.

  • Protected

    Know how to prepare your response to protect your company’s reputation.

  • Timing

    Identify when it’s beneficial to do an interview, and when not.

  • News angle

    Understand what reporters are looking for and what to give them.

  • Multimedia

    Know how to give an interview across different channels, including TV, radio, print or online.

  • The look

    Be ready to appear on camera in the proper attire that is appropriate to the story.

  • Polished

    Confidently give interviews with informal media like podcasts or blogs.